This is my journey… I share it with you to let you know what motivated and inspired me to do what I love doing!

This is me at my most vulnerable. It’s my hope that as I discovered mySelf and my Passion, You do the same!

In Love and Light (and always looking… & finding the Laughter!)


I had made the choice to immigrate to the United States, and was successfully adjusted to living away from my country, my culture and my family.

I had created an amazing life for myself:

bulletHeart I was independent

bulletHeart I had a wonderful young daughter (fulfilling the dream I had since I was 4 years old to be a mother)

bulletHeart I owned my condo in a fabulous neighborhood with a great back yard for my daughter to run freely and safe

bulletHeart  I had an amazing family of friends that were supportive and loving

bulletHeart I had successfully completed my masters in counseling and art therapy in 2002

I was respected as an experienced psychotherapist, with over 12 years experience in helping people overcome severe trauma and improve their lives…

bulletHeart  I felt truly happy with my life!!!

Everything was Absolutely Awesome and I put the icing on the cake: I met and got married to the Love of My Life!!!


Can You imagine a better life?! 

But then something happened:

without me being aware of it, I transformed: I became a WIFE! -with all the bells and whistles of what it means being a spouse in my Argentine culture: I threw myself into being supportive, loving, dedicated to my husband and daughter -as I was supposed to do!-, creating a home out of the “bachelor’s house” my beloved had lived in for 18 years, not to mention my previous responsibilities.

I completely lost touch with myself, my interests and MY DREAMS!

There was NO SPACE for ME in my life.

I was running on empty, I was so disconnected from myself, MY needs and MY desires that when by chance -no planning on my part- I had a moment to myself… I had no clue what to do with myself and had to look at my “to do” list to check what I HAD to do.

Things got really tough.

I was impatient, bursting with anger all the time, frustrated, resentful and even sad…
…the worst part was:
I would even end up yelling sometimes… (at my beloved family… totally unfairly!)
I even started to doubt my biggest source of joy, the most important relationship I had in my life – I started doubting my decision to marry my beloved and amazing husband!!!

Then it really hit me… I had to make a change!

I was losing myself (and my temper) not just metaphorically…

I took several steps …

FIRST: I scheduled TIME on my calendar to get back in touch with what was important to ME, My Path and My Dreams!

THEN: During that time, I started to do even more laser focused inner work, looking at the triggers that had turned me into the “wicked wife.” I got in back in touch with ME, realizing who I am: an imperfect human being struggling and growing, but always moving forward!

AND ALSO: I got in touch with a mentor I trusted who helped me break free of the vow to serve others at my own expense, like I see so often in my clients who give, give and only give to their families, until they get completely depleted.



I am so much more present and in the moment, relaxed, and enjoying my wonderful family!

I got clear and in touch with my Life Mission and completely transformed my business:

I have seen so many women struggling with overwhelm, feeling frustrated, resentful and guilty for daring to desire to have a life of their own! (When did that become a crime? Come on people, I know we do this to ourselves, but it makes no sense. Can any of you relate to this?)

That was my struggle too, which is why I am so passionate about helping women (and men, too!)  end overwhelm, have a balanced life, get in touch with their Dreams and make them a Reality!

Ever since, I have had a successful coaching practice where I help

Amazing Men and Women uncover the hidden blocks that stand in the way of creating the Wealthy Soulful Business they desire!

I show them how to develop a step-by-step plan to realize the wealth and success they dream of and to fulfill their soul calling!

I wake up feeling inspired by my life!!!

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Care to join me?