Are Your lower Chakras affecting your Biz? {video}

I was leading a wonderful group of entrepreneurs when a subject dear to my heart was mentioned: VULNERABILITY.

For so long I thought of vulnerability as a synonym for “weakness”…

Some of you may know I’m the oldest of 4 and grew up with a bully for a dad. My mom was depressed and unable to stand up to him for herself or for us…

She just couldn’t do it – and I don’t know how at 4 years old I decided it was my job to protect her from dad… I learnt a lot from my childhood!

One of those things was that being open and vulnerable could make me a victim of others. I vowed never to do that…

So when my coach said that in order to truly succeed in my desire to help others, and make an impact in the world I had to be open and vulnerable, be MYSELF, I thought she was totally crazy!

After lots of Tapping and healing my first and second chakras I heard the concept again with a complete new understanding…

I got in touch in a deep way with all the powerful lessons I learnt about myself and the world from having the family I did – I recognized the strength, desire to help, and amazing gifts of empathy and COURAGE I have!

Being open and vulnerable, being myself, meant being fully alive, vibrant, owning all of who I am in a way that I had never done before – people told me they saw something special in me, a light that attracted them…

That was the day that my business started to take off. 

The impact of my talks, presentations, introductions, speeches and workshops changed DRAMATICALLY.

And guess what? More and more people felt drawn to me!

They asked me how I made it, what was the turning point, HOW was it possible?
And I told them! 

That is why I decided to make this video – the first of a series, stay tuned! – so you can:

1. Understand the huge impact of a healthy first and second chakra

2. What happens when those chakras are not free to flow with energy

3. How YOU can transform your energy so you can be YOURSELF and fulfill your Soul-Calling!