My Goal Setting Strategy to Make 2015 My Best Year yet!

As I promised in a previous post here  I’m delivering…

In this message I want to tell you about the process that I have found to successfully set Fabulous Goals each Year!

This is a process that invites a subtle energy that flows, powerful and gentle…
An energy that welcomes change, expansion, with joy, gratitude and enthusiasm!

I believe that is the reason that I continue to use this process among others I’ve learned.

Because it’s simple, and clear. It allows me to connect with myself, my dreams, my wishes from a place of acceptance and gratitude for the journey I have traveled.

Here is the process:

I imagine myself climbing a mountain, the mountain of my Life, the one I chose to conquer, with it’s challenges and blessings!

As I stop to look around me, I notice how far I have traveled, looking at all the learnings and opportunities I experienced…

From this perspective I can see the Valley below and enjoy the gorgeous view…
I rest and take inventory before continuing.

From this perspective I can see if I am in the right path to achieve my Goal…
or do I have to adjust my course… to reach my Dream: The Top!

This is part of the process of Setting Successful Goals, to know:
Where we are,
Where we come from and
Where we are going, reconnecting with our Ultimate Destination!

See, setting Goals is crucial to manifesting them! I will share my philosophy with you. I always mention this to clients:

Dreams do come true,
Dreaming is the first step towards Manifestation!
Our Action is the Message
to the Universe of Our Intention:
“I am Ready to Receive!”

Taking Inventory of Your Business Journey

I mentioned earlier about taking inventory in my business journey.
Let me share with you in detail how I do it.

First, I close my eyes and “see” my ultimate destination.
I take note of:
What I am doing and How Sharing My Gifts is impacting the World.
I pay attention to How I feel, What I look like, Who surrounds me…
I really see myself there: My Dream completely Manifested!

Second, I bring myself back to the present moment and write down the next baby step I can take today to reach my Goal.

Part of this step is to create a Plan of Action for 2015:
What do I have to accomplish this coming year that will get me closer to my Ultimate Goal?

I take note of the resources I need to reach the end of 2015 Celebrating my Goal: My Coach (always comes first), my fabulous supportive staff (I am clear I cannot do it alone), trainings and other resources…

Third, and hugely important, I connect with How I want “to be.” I keep in mind a clear image of the person I want to be and start being that way Today and Throughout my Journey.

See, it is my “being” in that place, Sharing openly and vulnerably my gifts with the World, that will get me to my Destination!

My ultimate destination is first and foremost about me making my maximum contribution to others, with commensurate compensation for myself second.

This is what I keep clear in my mind when I decide to be completely and authentically Myself!

I would love to hear from YOU!
What is your end-of-year inventory?
How do you Celebrate your Learnings?
How do you create your Plan and Goal Setting in a way that You feel empowered and Authentically YOU?

You can leave your question, comment or suggestion below.


  • Thelma

    Reply Reply December 14, 2014

    Hi, my goal everyday of my life is to help and coach people live healthy, create abundance they never had full of happiness and connect spiritually with God! I have this dream and was already there but not realized! This time I struggle to bring back my vision. . . I don’t know why?


    • Laura Mazza Gonick

      Reply Reply December 14, 2014

      Hello Dear Thelma,

      Thank you so much for your openness and vulnerability.

      What I am reading and understanding is that you have a Dream to help others “live healthy, create abundance they never had full of happiness and connect spiritually with God!”

      The dream has been present and unrealized in you, and now as you try to bring back the Vision of You actually manifesting this dream it’s eluding you.

      Please, let me know if I am correct.

      If that is the case, I believe there are some blocks present in your energy – maybe some worry, concerns or fears- that are inferring with your ability to “see” your Dream realized.

      I want to let you know that in the next few days you will receive a video from me where I go into much more depth about the possible blocks that might be interfering with our having productive goals and really manifesting our Dream!

      At this time I suggest you Tap while saying something like:
      Event hough I cannot reconnect with my Dream, I now choose to be at peace, understanding that there might be something interfering and I am open to discovering what that is.

      Even though I feel confused and out of touch with my Big Goal, I embrace all of who I am with kindness and compassion including this present moment of confusion.

      Tap through the point voicing the feelings that come up.

      Keep me posted on your progress, changes and successes!


  • Clea

    Reply Reply December 14, 2014

    Thelma, if you need to struggle to bring back a vision you already realized, you’ll need to only have an intention of creating a new vision, that one is already done, go forward, what’s next? There’s always another mountain to climb.

    • Laura Mazza Gonick

      Reply Reply December 14, 2014

      Hello Dear Clear,

      If it is the case that Thelma cannot bring that Vision back because it has been realized, you are absolutely right!

      Sending you light,

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