One Powerful Secret to Accomplish Your Goals for 2015

Hello Worthy You!

Have you notice that throughout the 2014 you have been making progress, moving along, and then out of nowhere you get “stuck”…

I want to share something that I have noticed:

The issue I still struggle with is my belief system. I have become more aware of these beliefs over the years, have done Tapping and gently released them…
Yet, occasionally, they still sneak up and surprise me.

Whenever I am struggling with achieving a goal or just being my absolute Best, I usually find a limiting belief lurking in some corner of my mind. Sometimes, these are totally unexpected!

For example, up until last January, I struggled with my exercise routine. For one reason or another I just could not be consistent. I would alternate between thinking: “This is hard, I don’t want to do it” and “I can do this, I don’t need any help.”

When I realized what was going on in my mind I stopped dead on my tracks and told myself out loud -yes, I can seem crazy that way!

“This is hard work and I DO need help and encouragement.”

As a result, I got a fabulous trainer and I have been wonderfully consistent, progressing in my workout routine, and truly enjoying how my body gets fit!

I realize that not everyone can afford to hire a trainer, but, if you share my limiting belief, you can always afford to get outside help. In fact, you can’t afford NOT too!

It might be simply a friend to hold you accountable or working out with a group of friends, or listening to podcasts or reading books that inspire you. But the truth is you can’t usually accomplish big goals on your own. You need help.

I am sure about this, I can attest to it personally!

That is why today I invite you, I even dare push you a bit to challenge your belief system and Ask for what You need and want in your life!

As I have mentioned before we can be great Givers and now it’s time to Ask the Universe for the support You need to accomplish what you most want.

Tell me:

What would you like support and encouragement in 2015 so you can reach Your Dream?

Remember the power of expression in order to Manifest what You want…
Speak it,
Write it and
The Universe Listens!

I look forward to reading your Loving Requests!!!

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