Release 2014 with Power and Grace

Every year at this time, I take 5-10 minutes to perform a POWERFUL exercise in completing the last 365 days, in order to create a year full of NEW POSSIBILITIES.

For me, 2014 was a year of “Fabulous” Growth.

I doubled my revenue, was invited to present at conferences internationally, launched fabulous programs with incredible impact and success and had a blast swimming with dolphins in the Caribbean with my beloved family!


I also made a LOT of mistakes.

By the end of May, I was burnt out and exhausted. I pushed myself and my team…got angry, frustrated…did not listen to feedback and had a couple of set backs on one of my launches…

I had some programs and workshops that were absolutely incredible, helping in multiplying my income…and others that didn’t even get finished! (look over there now…!)

Yet I feel extremely GRATEFUL for all of the Growth these experiences provided!

And I believe they wouldn’t have been possible without properly completing my 2013 FIRST!

I want to share an exercise that is simple, easy and powerful!

Your 2014 Completion Exercise

On a blank piece of paper, identify…

1. Identify your 5 Biggest Successes of 2014
2. Identify your 5 Biggest “Failures” of 2014
3. What did you learn from each success?
4. What did you learn from each failure?

Take your time and be present to the lessons that show up for you…

When you are done, all you need to do is DECLARE 2014 complete!

Say out loud:

“I am grateful for all those experiences. I am thankful because I learned all I needed to learn from them. I know declare these experiences complete and release them.”

(You can do some Tapping if you need to. You can also contact me for a 20 minute free consultation as well)

Then BURN the paper. (safely!)

Bonus Step:
See, by releasing 2014, gathering the untold gifts learned from all those experiences and feeling deep gratitude, You’ve created a space….you want to fill it.

Here’s what I say out loud:

“I am now in this present moment, here and now, filled with Amazing Gifts and ready to fulfill my Biggest Dream, Achieving My Goal of ___________________”

Ok, so now what?

After completing 2014…it’s time to create 2015 as YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

Share below what is your Big Goal for 2015!
Let’s get inspired together!!! <3

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