You’re in the right place if you dream of…


bullet8 Sharing your gifts with the world and making great money too!

bullet8 Guiding your perfect clients & feeling inspired by their transformation!

bullet8 Confidently asking for and getting the prices you want!

bullet8 Feeling energized and fulfilled by your work and life!

bullet8 Using strategies that let the money flow in, NOW!

bullet8 Building a business that keeps on producing even when you $leep!

But right now, you might be feeling overwhelmed, STUCK and discouraged because you’re working too and not earning what you want (and deserve!).

Or, you might be feeling disappointed because the you are trying your best with little success.

You may be burnt out, frustrated, or simply lost about how to actually “have it all.”

I know what you’re going through, and you’re not alone!

I show Talented, Brilliant, Men and Women, like You, how to build THRIVING businesses so they can FINALLY share their gifts with the world, WHILE feeling fulfilled and on fire!

You are meant to be a


With My Soulful Business System You will develop:

1. Soulful Clarity

bullet5  get it touch with your vision, your ultimate goal

bullet5  identify what fuels your vision, your core passion

bullet5  break free of old thinking and old patterns

bullet5  break free from who you believe you are

bullet5  identify what has been holding you back

2. Soulful Roadmap

bullet5  create outrageous goals for outrageous results

bullet5  develop laser focus and a step-by-step plan

bullet5  implement your pathway to monetize and create positive cash flow

bullet5  un-cover the hidden gifts in you and everything that comes your way (resources, challenges, growth)

bullet5  create cutting edge techniques and strategies that will help you transcend and transform yourself and others around you

3. Soulful Energy and Action

bullet5  tap into your source of energy, purpose and play every day

bullet5  develop a step-by-step plan to create a business and life you love

bullet5  tap into endless energy to stay on track and take consistent action

bullet5  win the battle with the “procrastination demon”

bullet5  invite continuous support and become confidently accountable

4. Soulful Strategies to Ignite Your Business

bullet5  discover who your perfect clients/customers are

bullet5  develop a clear message to attract your ideal people

bullet5  passionately and clearly share your mission with others

bullet5  become a magnificent pro at networking and other effective strategies to create your dream business

bullet5  map out your signature talk that magnetizes your perfect customers get great exposure and become an authority in your field

bullet5  learn how to create and/or expand your mailing list -and what to do with it, when you have it!

Have amazing, warm kick-ass support
the whole way to achieve


How we can work together:



I have an exciting Inner Circle group program where you will learn amazing tools and strategies to take your life and business to the next level – accompanied by fabulous, talented and brilliant women like You!


I help heart-centered practitioners and psychotherapists have the confidence and mastery they desire to have a successful and inspiring practice witnessing their clients transformation!


You can also work 1:1 with me to identify and heal the personal challenges that are standing in the way of you becoming the Soulful Empowered Woman you are meant to be!

To find out more about my programs
apply for a complimentary 20 minute Discovery session,
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20minComplimentary 20 Minute Discovery Session

I invite you to contact me for your complimentary 20 Minute Discovery  Session to learn how we might work together to help you Create a Business and Life You Love!